Notes on Teaching Methods

It is a principle of education that re-enforcement is required for good learning. However writing is not the only method of re-enforcement. Doing something also is re-enforcement. Acting out a Bible story, or searching for something in nature is as good as writing down what is learned, probably better.


 Learning through "Games"

 Here are some principles that would apply to the use of games for learning.

  1. The children should enjoy the experience.
  2. They should be developing new skills through the game.
  3. Group discussion (debriefing) should follow the play.
  4. Social co-operation should be improved during the play.
  5. The children should be able to take part without too much dependence of the adult leader.
  6. The play should not over-excite the children.
  7. The experience should be purposeful so that the second time round they will have enhanced skills.



Indoor or Outdoor

 There are many requirements that call for the class to go out of doors to observe items in nature.

This should not mean however that everything else should be done in the church hall. Even inner city clubs should be able to find a quiet corner of a park where the children can sit on the grass and discuss a Bible story, learn their memory texts, or even act out a Bible Story. It might not be possible to fill in work sheets out in nature, but the benefit of nature can outweigh the need for written work (

Get the children out as much as possible and let them see what God had made for us.


Sabbath or Sunday


Of course most Adventurer meetings are on Sabbath afternoon. But do not neglect the opportunities to go out for a Sunday breakfast, a fun day, or a zoo or farm visit out of Sabbath hours. Get out on a Sunday afternoon and do the "Build & Fly" award. Or take an evening to work on the "Carpenter" or "Cooking Fun" awards.


Little Lamb Stars

Little Fish Diamonds

Busy Bee Class Awards

Sunbeam Class Awards

Builder Class Awards

Helping Hand Awards