Sunbeam Class

Sunbeam is a class  for 7 year olds, it is the 4th class in the Adventurer Curriculum

To receive the Sunbeam Class Pin, Adventurers must complete the Basic Requirements, as well as, at least one section from My God, My Self, My Family and My World groups
Many Clubs choose the sections that include an Adventurer Award badge, Adventurers love collecting badges! Remember Adventurers can complete required awards they have missed from a previous class, but cannot do required awards from a higher class. E.g. A Sunbeam can do required awards from Busy Bee  but not Builder

Use the links under each requirement group for resource documents

Class Cards are available from the South Pacific Division through your local Youth Department. A sign off version of the class card in A4 format is available in the Class Resource document link

Greater Sydney Conference has released a resource for the class

Sunbeam Class Resource

Basic Requirements [complete both sections]

I. Responsibility
     A. Repeat from memory and accept the Adventure Law

     B. Explain the Pledge

II. Reinforcement
     Obtain the Sunbeam Reading Certificate

The Sunbeam Reading Certificate is awarded to children who read or have read to them either:

1. The Book Club selection available from the ABC each year;
2. Two books, selected from the following categories:
* book about Jesus * book about how your body works * book about families * book about nature * book about missions

These reading requirements are directed specifically toward the topics the children will be covering in the Sunbeam curriculum.  Choose books from the ABC or Christian book stores, which fit into the categories of your choice.

Sunbeam- Basic Requirements

MY GOD [choose at least one section]

I. His Plan To Save Me

     A Create a story chart showing Jesus’:

  • Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection

     B Make a mural or tell about one of the stories above to show someone the joy of being saved by


II. His Message To Me

      A Explain two Bible verses about being saved by Jesus

  • Matthew 22:37-39      ·      I John 1:9
  • Isaiah 1:18                 ·     Romans 6:23

      B Name the two major parts of the Bible and name the four gospels

      C Earn the Friend of Jesus Adventurer Award

III. His Power In My Life

     A Spend a regular quiet time with Jesus to talk with Him and learn about Him

     B Ask three people why they study the Bible

Sunbeam- My God Requirements

MY SELF [choose at least one section]

I. I am Special

     Make a tracing of yourself. Decorate it with pictures and words which tell good things about you

II. I Can Make Wise Choices

     Play the ‘What If?’ game

III. I Can Care For My Body

     Earn the Fitness Fun Adventurer Award

Sunbeam- My Self Requirements

MY FAMILY [choose at least one section]

I. I Have A Family

     Ask each member of your family to tell some of their favourite memories

II. Families Care For Each Other

     Show how Jesus can help you deal with disagreements: Use Puppets, Role playing or Other

III. My Family Helps Me Care For Myself

     Earn the Road Safety Adventurer Award

Sunbeam- My Family Requirements

MY WORLD [choose at least one section]

I. The World Of Friends

     Earn the Courtesy Adventurer Award

II. The World Of Other People

     A Explore your neighbourhood. List things that are good and things you could help make better

     B From your list, choose ways and spend time making your neighbourhood better

III. The World Of Nature

     Earn the Friend of Nature Adventurer Award

Sunbeam- My World requirements

Little Lamb Stars

Little Fish Diamonds

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