Adventurers is a family-based program. With this age group a parent or caregiver is encouraged to attend with their child or children. Adventurers is about supporting the parent or caregiver in their relationship with the child

The Club Director should if at all possible be free to circulate and organise the Club so extra help is always welcome

Caregivers can be: Grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, siblings, neighbours, any adult or older child who brings a child to Adventurers
A parent or caregiver can:

- Prepare a snack/drinks for the meeting

- Teach or assist to teach a class

- Bring special skills to teach an Award

- Prepare items for craft

- Assist at events and outings, provide transport

- Provide music or take worship

- Work on the organisational side such as unforms

- Collect the children's art, worksheets, photo's etc into a record book for the child to remember their Adventurer year

-The list goes on. Add your own ideas

Little Lamb Stars

Little Fish Diamonds

Busy Bee Class Awards

Sunbeam Class Awards

Builder Class Awards

Helping Hand Awards