North American Division Awards

Click on the manual icon  for requirements and "Helps" that are in the manual. Click on the web icon  for the web based helps and worksheets. For a listing of all awards in one document see the "Instructions for Award pages" entry on the Award menu bar.
These are awards which are not listed in the South Pacific Division Manual, but some helps have been sent to me for some of these. More details may be found at the North American Division Adventurer web site. New Adventurer Awards are being developed on an ongoing basis, so periodic checks of the North American Divison website is suggested

 Bead Craft  

 Building Blocks  


 Computer Skills  

 Country Fun   


 Early Adventist Pioneer   


 Glue Right    




 Hand Shadows 





 Pearly Gate   

 Prayer Warrior   

 Rainbow Promise    

 Steps to Jesus   

 Tin Can Fun