Group Activities and Games Sites on the Web

Julie Rainey of the Western Australian Conference sent Norm a 72 page word document with an A to Z listing of games ideas.
However rather than list it, here is the link to the site from which she obtained it.
It is called Games Kids Play. From this link you can go to the "Games Listing" at the top of the page and find even more ideas.  Of course you may find lots of other good ideas if you browse around this site.

Another good site is the games pages of the Games sections of the Scouting Site
Again a browse around may find more treasures.

From the Scouting site Norm Tew selected "Scout base UK 260 Games" and jumped to the United Kingdom games pages and here he selected the Beaver Games option, Norm thought this would be the right sort of age group for Adventurers.

Please tell your Pathfinder colleagues about these sites for they will also find them useful

Group Activities and Games