Builder is a class  for 8 year olds, it is the 5th class in the Adventurer Curriculum

To receive the Builder Class Pin, Adventurers must complete the Basic Requirements, as well as, at least one section from My God, My Self, My Family and My World groups
Many Clubs choose the sections that include an Adventurer Award badge, Adventurers love collecting badges! Remember Adventurers can complete required awards they have missed from a previous class, but cannot do required awards from a higher class. E.g. A Builder can do required awards from Busy Bee and Sunbeam but not Helping Hand

Use the links under each requirement group for resource documents

Class Cards are available from the South Pacific Division through your local Youth Department. A sign off version of the class card in A4 format is available in the Class Resource document link

The awards pictured on this page are both the required awards and some suggestions for the nature award for the My World section

Greater Sydney Conference has released a resource for this class

There are also a range of other resources on the following link

Builder Class Resource

Basic Requirements [complete both sections]

I. Responsibility
     A. Repeat from memory the Adventure Pledge and Law

     B. Explain the Pledge

II. Reinforcement
     Obtain the Builder Reading Certificate

The Builder Reading Certificate is awarded to children who read or have read to them either:

1. The Book Club selection available from the ABC each year;
2. Two books, selected from two of the following categories:
* A book about church history * A book about how to care for your body * A how-to book * A book about your country * A book about missions

These reading requirements are directed specifically toward the topics the children will be covering in the Builder curriculum.  Choose books from the ABC or Christian book stores, which fit into the categories of your choice.

Builder - Basic Requirements

MY GOD [choose at least one section]

I. His Plan To Save Me

     A Create a story chart showing the order in which these stories took place:

  • Paul, Martin Luther, Ellen White, Yourself

     B Plan a skit or newspaper story about one of the stories above, to show someone how to give one’s

        life to Jesus

II. His Message To Me

        Earn the Bible II Adventurer Award

III. His Power In My Life

     A Spend a regular quiet time with Jesus to talk with Him and learn about Him

     B Ask three people why they are glad to belong to Jesus

Builder- My God Requirements

MY SELF [choose at least one section]

I. I am Special

     Put together a scrapbook, poster or collage , showing some things you can do to serve God and


II. I Can Make Wise Choices

     Earn the Media Critic Award

III. I Can Care For My Body

     Earn the Temperance Adventurer Award

Builder- My Self Requirements

MY FAMILY [choose at least one section]

I. I Have A Family

     A Share one way your family has changed. Tell how you felt and what you did

     B Find a story in the Bible about a family like yours

II. Families Care For Each Other

     Play the Love Game

III. My Family Helps Me Care For Myself

     Earn the Wise Steward Adventurer Award

Builder - My Family Requirements

MY WORLD [choose at least one section]

I. The World Of Friends

     A Make friends with a person who has a disability or a person of another culture or generation

     B Invite that person to a family or church event

II. The World Of Other People

     A Know and explain your national anthem and flag

     B Name your country’s capital and the leader of your country

III. The World Of Nature

     Earn an Adventurer Award for nature, not previously earned

Builder - My World Requirements

Little Lamb Stars

Little Fish Diamonds

Busy Bee Class Awards

Sunbeam Class Awards

Builder Class Awards

Helping Hand Awards